Trainwreck Weed

These are 5 Reasons Why You Should Make Trainwreck Your Next Weed Strain

For those who may not be in the know, Trainwreck weed is one of the most commonly enjoyed strains in the weed community. It is a hybrid strain, a mixture of 80 percent sativa and 20 percent indica. Trainwreck has gotten its name because of its reputation for leaving even the most experienced weed connoisseurs feeling as if they were hit by a train. So why should make Trainwreck weed the next weed strain that you try out? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you need to sample this strain for yourself and find out more about everything that it has to offer you.

1) Combination of Highs

While Trainwreck is a strain that is sativa dominant, the presence of indica allows for a juxtaposition that creates a fun mental roller coaster ride. The high that you will receive is not just a mellowing body high, as you are also going to experience a cognitive high. If you are looking for a strain that gives you the chance to feel mellow, yet not overly sedated? Trainwreck is the perfect strain of weed for you.

2) Pain Relief

Trainwreck is a commonly prescribed strain for those who are experiencing extreme amounts of pain that other medications cannot treat effectively. Even though the strain comes with a high level of potency, patients can smoke it throughout their day while still remaining functional. For patients who seek relief and still need to find a form of medication that still enables day to day functionality, Trainwreck is a godsend.

3) Enhanced Creativity

If you are someone who has yet to try out Trainwreck for yourself, you may find yourself wondering if you can handle the effects of this strain once they have revealed themselves to you. However, those who use Trainwreck on a regular basis love this strain because of its ability to enhance their overall level of creativity and push their brain into places that it may not head into normally.

4) Can Be Used To Treat a Variety of Medical Issues

There are a wide range of ailments that can be treated with the usage of this strain and they include insomnia, PTSD and stress. Patients who struggle with anxiety also tend to rely on this strain when they are in search of relief. Depression and inflammation are also issues that can be remedied with the usage of Trainwreck. After all, patients everywhere cannot be wrong, now can they?

5) All It Takes Is a Couple of Hits

You will not need to sit around and smoke Trainwreck all day in order to feel all of the aforementioned positive effects. Thanks to the potency of this strain, you are able to achieve the desired effect within just a few hits and there is no need to dedicate significant periods of time to your medication (or recreational) regimen. With Trainwreck, you simply need a couple of puffs to get where you need to go and this makes it a popular strain among those who seek relief as well as those who are merely looking to unwind after a long day. Trainwreck Weed
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