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  Several Former Presidents Of The United States Have Been Linked To Different Marijuana Strains Taking different marijuana strains is not bad as long as it is taken moderately without any form of abuse. To underscore the fact that it is not as bad as people make it seem, a total of 11 past presidents of United States of America have been involved in the use of different marijuana strains at one time of their lives or the other.

Below is the list.

1) George Washington

He is the first president of the United States of America. He wrote in one of his closely guarded diaries that he sowed hemp sometimes in his life. He is also believed to have treated toothache with hemp preparations.

2) Thomas Jefferson

He is the third president of the United States of America. In addition to growing hemp, he once smuggled hemp seeds from China to America at the risk of several years of jail term if caught. He is believed to have smoked it regularly because he was quoted to have said his best moments were when sitting in his veranda and smoking hemp.

3) James Madison

This is the fourth president. He is believed to be the father of American constitution and he once claimed that hemp gave him inspiration to initiate a new constitution.

4) James Monroe

He is the fifth American president. He smoked hashish openly while he was an Ambassador to France and he never stopped smoking it until he passed on at the age of 73.

5) Andrew Jackson

He is the seventh president of United States of America. He was a military man whose letters indicated that he smoked different marijuana strains with his military colleagues.

6) Zachary Taylor

This is the twelfth president. He is another former military man who is believed to have smoked marijuana in the military just like Andrew Jackson.

7) Franklin Pierce

He is the fourteenth president of the United States of America and he is the third military man believed to have smoked marijuana. In fact, in one of his letters, he stated that smoking of marijuana was the only source of fun during the Mexican-American war.

8) Abraham Lincoln

He is the sixteenth president of the United States of America but he is one of the most popular past presidents as he is being used as a symbol of determination because of the number of elections he lost before he became the president. He is believed to have smoked sweet hemp but there has not been any valid proof. While some take it as a mere speculations, others feel that there is no smoke without fire. He must have been seen by some people when taking it.

9) John F Kennedy

He is the thirty-fifth president. He used joint to treat acute pain at the lower part of his back and he also smoked it along with Jim Truitt and Mary Meyer.

10) George W. Bush

He is the forty-third president. He is believed to have smoked weed before because of his cryptic response to a question about marijuana. He said he would not answer any questions about marijuana because he doesn’t want kids to try what he did.

11) Barack Obama

He is the forty-fourth American president and wrote about his marijuana and cocaine use during his youthful days in Hawaii
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