Bho Oil BHO Oil: Basic Facts And Myths Behind Hash Oil or bho oil Firstly, Butane hash oil, also refers to as BHO is extracted oil from Cannabis. It has many other street names such as wax, dab, shatter, etc. This particular extract of Cannabis is being  immensely criticized because of its method of extraction. Also because of the increasing number of teens setting their parent’s kitchen and basement on fire while trying to produce it. Why is hash oil becoming increasingly popular among weed consumers? Why is it controversial? Above all, is it safe to consume?

Reasons for Increased Popularity of Butane Hash Oil

The most obvious reason for the popularity of BHO is its potency. Butane hash oil extracts have the highest concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in any extract of cannabis. THC is the main psychoactive material in weed — so the higher its concentration in an extract, the more potent it is. Laboratory processed hash oil extracts can have as high as 90% THC content.

Why is Butane Hash Oil Controversial?

The controversy surrounding hash oil is mainly because of its production process. Cannabis extracts are made by either processing the flowers of the plant with propane or butane (to give BHO), or using carbon dioxide as a substitute to extract the oil (CO2 Oil). Both types of extraction are ideally done in a closed loop system. This enables recovery of the gasses at the end of the extraction. However, as teenagers and amateur adults began to perform extractions in their kitchens and basements, explosions became associated with butane extractions. This has led to brunt criticism against butane extraction. Another criticism of BHO is that it may have dissolved remnants of butane and propane, which may have adverse effects on the body.

How Safe Is Butane Hash Oil?

There is really nothing harmful about BHO — as long as you buy laboratory extracted hash oil. Professional labs use food grade butane (the same used to prepare food in eateries) to extract and process butane hash oil. They also employ a closed loop system to recover the butane for reuse, and thus prevent environmental pollution. Using BHO produced by kitchen chemists on the other hand is risky. This is because often times they use commercial gas to produce their hash oil, and these gases often contain majorly propane, butane, and Iso-propane as well as more than 10 other gasses in small quantities. They also blast the butane openly and make no attempts to recover it. This one of the causes of the neighborhood explosions that make the news.

Butane Hash Oil VS CO2 Oil

Both of these oils have their advantages and disadvantages. Butane extract is more concentrated and contains more terpenes (flavor compounds) than CO2 extract. CO2 oil often does not have above 70% THC concentration. Butane hash oil however has a lower Cannabinoid (CBD) concentration when compared to CO2 oil. There is absolutely nothing wrong with butane hash oil extracted professionally, if you are unsure of the quality of your hash oil why not buy from a good dispensary. Check out Marijuana Pilot Dispensary for quality BHO and other Marijuana products. Bho Oil
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